Zara Zhang works at Lark, a next-generation collaboration suite which she recommends to all teams around the world. Previously, she was an investment analyst at GGV Capital (first in the Menlo Park office, then in the Beijing office), a venture capital firm that invests in companies in the US, China, and other emerging markets. She has interned as a reporter covering China’s tech industry for The Information. Her writings have been published on The Harvard CrimsonHarvard MagazineForeign PolicyHuffington Post, and China Personified. She has also worked as a marketing intern at ZhenFund. Zara graduated from Harvard University Phi Beta Kappa with a degree in psychology. At Harvard, she wrote and edited for The Harvard Crimson, led the organization of Harvard China Forum (a 1,000-people conference featuring leaders from China and the US), and ran a weekly newsletter about food around the university.

Zara grew up in Changchun, a city in northeast China, and received her secondary education in Singapore. A language enthusiast, she is trained in Chinese-English interpretation and translation, speaks Japanese (and whatever little French she remembers), and can sing in Cantonese.

Zara co-founded and co-hosted “996”, a podcast where she and GGV managing partner Hans Tung interviewed leaders in US-China cross-border tech and entrepreneurship. Listen on iTunes, OvercastSpotify, SoundCloud, or search “996” in any podcast app.

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She can be reached at

LinkedIn profile:

Twitter: @ZaraZhangRui

Instagram: @ZaraZhangg

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4 thoughts on “About Zara

  1. Just read your contribution to FP. Wow! Please keep writing. Talent like yours is not to be wasted. Being strange in a strange land is great material. I know, I have been living it for 25 years. But it seems you also have the courage and curiosity to be different and still fit in. Keep on…
    Best wishes from Colmar, France

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