• You can’t force any Harvard students to do anything
  • Never take “no” as an answer; never take rules as unchangeable
  • Lamont is a place to socialize, not to study
  • Do not buy any course books. You will NOT read them. Just borrow from the library.
  • Never expect that everyone has the same priorities as you do
  • It’s not about what you know; it’s about who you know
  • If you schedule something with another Harvard student and don’t remind them about an hour beforehand, they will not show up
  • Everyone is always late to everything
  • If you care deeply about a student organization, you will have to accept the fact that most people care a lot less than you do
  • Buying a new thing means having to get rid of one more thing during move-out
  • People are usually not having as much fun as they look like they are
  • The weather is more important than you think. Expect fewer people to show up to meetings and events on rainy or snowy days
  • Never wear heels to a party where you know you’ll be dancing a lot. Be nice to yourself
  • When they say “formal”, they really mean “party”
  • People’s Facebook walls is not an accurate reflection of their actual lives
  • The only thing that can ensure that Harvard students show up to an event is free food
  • At social events, people will always gravitate toward people they already know. Making new friends is harder than it appears to be
  • Don’t be fooled by the impression that everyone appears as if they never study
  • If you really care about someone you meet freshman year, make an effort to see them regularly. Otherwise they may disappear from your life
  • When you think you are the only one who doesn’t know what’s going on in a situation, you’re not
  • Sometimes you meet more Harvard people outside of Harvard than inside Harvard. So get out of Harvard
  • Whenever you are doing something that makes you uncomfortable, you are doing something right


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