Recently, I have had at least a dozen friends ask me if I have any tips for those interested in the venture capital industry. I’m obviously still new to the field and trying to learn more myself, but here are some resources that I have found helpful. This is not meant to be an authoritative, exhaustive or objective guide; just a convenient way for me to share some resources that I personally like. I will keep adding to the list as I discover more resources.

General things to know:

  • Most VCs didn’t plan on being a VC.
  • VC firms are most likely to hire when they raise a new fund.
  • VC firms don’t usually publicly post job openings for the investment team. The news usually spread within an enclosed network.
  • If you don’t like meeting, talking to, and learning from new people, VC probably isn’t for you.
  • Before you talk to any VC (or anyone in a professional setting), go to their website, familiarize with the portfolio and read everyone’s biography. It always pays to do your homework.

Helpful articles:

Tech news:

VC blogs:

There are so many of them out there. I’ll just recommend the classics:



For discovering new products:


If you’re a woman:

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